children of Agome SevahWe are a relatively small but highly effective charity committed to helping impoverished people anywhere in the world. We want to provide communities with enough support so that they never need any support again.

And we are also very different in how we operate; we have no overheads, costs or expenses in that every penny donated goes to the people we are working with, the people who need the helping hand!

The first community we are working with is Agome Sevah in remote Togo, West Africa. Our main aim over the past 11 years has been to support Agome Sevah until they truly have whatever it takes for them to be self sufficient and in a position to prosper.

Working closely with the community itself stage one is all about providing our four "legs of the "platform for success". The four legs of this platform are:

• Clean water for everyone
• The provision of good health facilities
• Good education facilities for all ages
• The resources and opportunity to be able to earn a living

We have been taking the "provide them with a fishing rod, not fish" philosophy to new level. We don't want them dependent upon us for fishing rods!! We are not about short term help or aid. We want them to become totally independent and not having to turn to anyone for anything.  

Stage two is all about cultural change so that they can take up the opportunities that they now have. for the past 5 years we have been funding health and hyghiene training. Initially funded by the Lottery we have also provided over 150 toilets. We are now working hard with the various committees to empower them and get the whole community to work together as never before.

Take a look at our pages to see what amazing things we have achieved so far!

Updated October 2019