HoindagbeThis is Amedie. He lives and works in the village and is married with three children. He is a teacher in the school we are working with. He has not been paid for 9 years.

How does he live? He and his family live on hand-outs from the village, family and friends.

He is extremely committed to the village and is working very hard, doing his best with the class of 50 that he teaches without any of the modern aids that we take for granted. When we first met him in 2009 and asked him what he would like from us to help him he asked for a black board compass.

Since that time we have helped the school a lot but also having taken advice from the village elders we provided funds so that all the teachers can share an allotment. With the help of the children, by getting agriculture in to their curriculum, the teachers can now grow some food and sell it.

Things are improving for Amedie but we have a long way to go yet.