the school After attending a wedding of some good freinds in Togo in June 2008 Rod and Mandy Unger decided that they had to do something for the villagers of Agome Sevah. The married couple; with the bride being from Togo but living in the Netherlands and offered their support

Rod and Mandy were determined to try to help the lovely people from the extremely impoverished village of Agome sevah that they had visited during the week-long celebrations.

The role of Dekamile UK is now clear. They are to help with all planning, carrying out all research and be largely responsible for all fund raising.

Over these past years various other people have given a lot of time to Dekamile including the trustees; Lady Patti Saxby, Caroline Sparks and John Muir.

See the Friends page for a full list of everyone who has helped!

                  Updated October 2017