Having decided we had to help these wonderful but impoverished and sadly neglected people in late 2008 the quickest way to begin was in the provision of funds to set up micro finance projects. It's calle Tontine in Togo

To date we have set up 23 projects, many have repaid some of their loans and several have repaid the full amount allowing new projects to be set up.

These small mini businesses are having a big and positive effect on the community including their now having some crops and animals that they can sell off at the nearest markets. No more just living hand to mouth.

The projects set up include:                                                                    

• Palm oil projects
• Chickens
• Bananas
• Pigs
• Rice
• Bees for making honey
• A boat for taking produce to market
• A rice hulling machine
• An allotment for the school
• Ducks
• Sugar
• Charcoal

With more about to begin in 2019