HoindagbeShe is very important in the village of Agome Sevah not least of all because she is the village priestess of their local religion.

As priestess she conducts many ceremonies and helps people when they are ill. In the photograph she is wearing a tee shirt we donated and her ceremonial beads.

Hoindagbe has wisdom, is very hard working and is very committed to the prosperity of the village. Whenever we visit the village we always make a point of involving her in any discusions. She has always proved to be constructive and never judgemental.

Although very poor by Western standards and highly esteemed within the community she has little or no material goods and yet is a very happy and open person. In her two room home one room consists of a bed mat with a mosquito net over it and a table. On the walls she has two or three family photographs. The other room is almost identical.

Her grand daughter currently lives with her in the village and seems to have Hoindagbe's intelligence as she is doing very well at school.