The Offiical Opening    On August the 8th 2016 there was a very exciting opening ceremony to celebrate the three new buildngs; the Accommodation building, a new Restaurant and the new children's nursery. The day involved speeches by various government officials as well as singing and dancing.Willmott Dixon Partnerships were very well represented by, amongst others their Managing Dirctctor and the 10 intrepid volunteers who worked out there for 2 weeks in extreme conditions. See the separate pages for more details.

The Nursery and Meyer Family Foundation.    One of the priorities of the villages has been a nursery for the very small children. This would enable the women to work longer in the fields and so be able to grow more crops to sell as well as improving the education of the children. One of our supporters - Maria Smith - decided that it had to happen! When the Meyer Family Foundation heard about this much wanted need they also wanted to help us - again!

We are using a UNICEF approved design and construction has already begun. Meyers are providing most of the funds with Maria and 15 friends raising over £3000 by running in Brighton in May. The opening will be in August 2016 ready for the new term in September.

SAP  The world renowned software organisation heard about our work and wanted to help out! They are going to provide computers, printers etc and the much needed training to take the villagers of Agome Sevah in to the 21st century 

Queens Park Rangers and John Muir, John is one of many Willmott Dixon people committed to Dekamile is a big QPR fan and much to his enormous pride he got them to support us by providing hundreds of pieces of football kit, medals and many other items. Because of them we were abl to hold a football tournament in our village; Agome sevah in Togo in August 2016 much to the enormous pleasure of our village and all those in the area.

Well done John and very well done Queens Park Rangers.

The Willmott Dixon Partnerships Supply chain get on board.

As can be seen on the Accommodation project page many of the Willmott Dixon supply chain have given tremdendous support to Dekamile and specifically to the building of an accommodation project to make the Willmott Dixon 4Life Academy viable. None more so than the Grafton Group, Northfield Leasing and Sky Scaffolding.


3 years of BIG Lottery Funding beginning in 2015          

We are thrilled and delighted to announce that after three years of form filling and the coordination of multiple spreadsheets we have been awarded funding for a 3 year Women and Children Health Education scheme. These funds are sorely sought after and so this is a real triumph for us and is much deserved by the people of Agome Sevah, the remote village we are working with in Togo, West Africa.

Working closely with the Togolese Red Cross we are now able to introduce the women and children to topics such as the benefits of personal hygiene, innoculations, using clean water and contraception. In addition, as a part of this education programme, we are going to be able to provide every house with a  toilet. Prior to this no house had a toilet!

Can you imagine what this means to the inhabitants of Agome Sevah?

Thanks largely to the BIG Lottery we are now making another huge step forward in our journey of taking these lovely people from poverty to prosperity.

We have to raise more funds for this project ourselves but amazingly The Meyer Family Trust have said they would like to work with us on this project and financially support us.

So "Fingers Crossed" we could have all the funding we need for the whole three years.

After a slow start we are now having training sessions on a regular basis as well having got the vilagers mobilised in ways that a year ago e would not have hoped. For example we now have a group of people cleaning up the village starting with the pathways to the clinic.

Solar panels and the Barefoot College. Updated in January 2016

The fabulous Barefoot College visited our village on Sunday the 17th of March 2013. This was a vital, potentially life changing meeting for the future of the whole community. We were all very nervous as so much depended upon it even though the Barefoot College people were very reassuring. However we need not have worried. The visit went very well and the two Barefoot College visitors ; Bunker Roy and Meagan Carnahan were very impressed by the villagers - as is everyone who visits!

Bunker and Meagan chose four women randomly providing the met 4 criteria; they had to be women who were Grandmothers, they had to live off less than a £1.00 per day and they had to be uneducated.

The four selected women bravely went to India for their 6 months training to become solar engineers; all expenses paid! They then returned to the village in March 2014 ready build solar panels for virtually every house in the village!! These 4 women have been transformed into powerful, confident leaders in their community.

The container full of all the components we required has now arrived in the village and our four intrepid women have installed solar lighting into evey house. This makes work, study, much easier.

We have raised over $45000 of the $60000 we need for all the installations. We just need a little more?? Especially as we have a few more houses to fit out.


The flooding of the River Mono. Updated January 2016

Dekamile had three meetings with the Ministry of Energy in Togo re the flooding of our village - and dozens and dozens of others! i.e. thousands and thousands of people in 2012 and 2013.

Since our first meeting in 2012 no flooding has taken place since the Hydro scheme was built some 25 years before. At our last meeting Dekamile were invited to a Government meeting to discuss the papers they had written making suggestions whereby no further flooding need ever occur again. Watch this space! Whatever else we do, if we are able to bring this about, it would arguably be our best and biggest achievement.

The Willmott Dixon Partnerships 4 Life Academy. Updated January 2016

Unbelievably, having helped considerably with the re building of the clinic Willmott Dixon Partnerships  offered to help us with the building of an apprenticeship school in the village. (See the seperate page). Construction is now completed having raised over £30,000. Willmott Dixon continue to set an example to us all in terms of putting their values in to action.

Apprenticeships are not easy to come by in Togo and especially anywhere near to Agome sevah. This project will bring business and employment to the village as well as providing the opportunity for hundreds of people to be able to earn a living. We determined which apprenticeships had to provide and they  included construction, agriculture, solar engineering, hairdressing and dressmaking and motorcycle mechanics.

We now have the formal approval of the Government and can appoint teachers and open for business. At present it is being used to teach solar installations, hairdressing and dressmaking,  

The School. Updated January 2016

We have acheived a lot in our efforts to make the village school a place of excellence. We have already rebuilt the crumbling foundations, put a new roof on it, supplied their first ever text books and dozens of other educational aids. We have also provided solar panels courtesy of the Marr Munning Trust as well as three computers. But as always we have more to do including providing a nursery for the increasing number of young children.

The school is getting better results with everyone involved learning and doing better themselves. The latest step forward is that the teachers now run adult education classes in the evening at the insistence of the villagers themselves.


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