In June 2008 we were invited to the wedding of two friends; Teun and Anoma which was held in Togo and as a part of the week long celebrrations we visited the village of Agoem sevah where Anoma's ancestors come from. A thrilling and unique experience for us and as a result Togo came in to our lives. Below you will find a list of all those who have helped us in one way or another. But without Papa - our man in Togo - none of this would have been possible! Thanks Papa


Rod and Mandy Unger
John Muir
Lady Patti Saxby
Caroline Sparks


Lady Patti and Sir Robin Saxby
Rod and Mandy Unger
John Muir
Anoma and Teun Van Herpen
The Garden International School
The Togolese Red Cross
Barefoot College, India
Just Giving
Marr Munning
The Salvation Army Letchworth
Willmott Dixon Partnerships (Now called Fortem)
The BIG Lottery
The T and J Meyer Family Foundation


Madela Baddock
Paul and Mary Brannan
Gerald and Joyce Birkett
Nita Corrigan
Jean-Marie Fagon
John Fogarty
Anna Hanson
Royal Agricultural College
Rhiannon Haydock
Caroline and Jerry Herring
Sarah Jayne Hewitt
Stephen and Helen Long
Jim Wright and AMOR
The Marr Munning Trust
Keith and Sally Weekes
Musu Stevens
Diana Parkinson
Fiona McCulloch
John Saddington
C J (Clive Jarrett)
Ade Ajibulu
Lincoln Thomas
J&P Services
Henleys Medical Supplies
Santander Bank


American Golf, Stevenage
The Geary Partnership
Brocket Hall
Bikerdikes Garden Centre, Letchworth
Chesfield Downs Golf Club
Henley Medical Supplies.
KLM Sports
KNA computers
Knox Cropper
Norton Post Office, Letchworth
Reliance Bank
The White Hart at Old Welwyn
Willmott Dixon Partnerships (now called Fortem)

Associated Supporters

Ace Scaffolding
Boodles (the Jewellers)
Relative Groundworks
Rotherham Technical College
Queens Park Rangers Football Club
Northfield Leasing
The Grafton Group
Sky Scaffolding
Liverpool Victoria
Anglo Office Group
Scarbrooks Plumbing and Heating
Travis Perkins
GB Total Solutions
Franklin and Shaw
Crystal Clear Works
Paint 360
Newey Group
Lincs Electrical
Pyramid Carpets
CBS tools
Sage Roofing
Roger Bullivant
Abbey Stationers (Andy Collie)
Chesfield Downs Golf Club


Simeon and Jammy Alexander
Kevin August
Madela Baddock and family
Anna Baines - Holmes
Gerald and Joyce Birkett
Paul and Mary Brannan
Mr Brooks (WDp)
Sybil Byrom and friends
Tim Carpenter WDp
Maureen and Geoffrey Carver
Angela Chatterton
Iain Cochrane
Veronica Colburn
Jeremy Collins
Barry and Joan Field
John Fogarty and Friends
Ronni Gogarty (and Steve Unger)
Tom and Gabi Gribben
Mike Griffin
Mr Hand (WDP)
Richard and Mary Harrison
Teun Van Herpen
Chris and Madelaine Fielder
Bruce & Lorna Gomm
Bill and Tracey Headen
Just Trust
Chris Leary
Steve and Helen Long
Lorraine and Dave Marshall
Mike and Val Mitchell
John Muir
Mr Murphy (WDP)
Paul Murtagh
Network Housing (WDp)
Travis Perkins
Robert and Maria Rabiasz
John Reddington
Dani Riley and Marlon Bouman
Liz Robinson
Jenny Rose
Bobbie Smyth
Caroline Sparks
Jim & Jenny Stockwell
Mike Unger
Ronald and Joan Unger
Barry and Joyce Unger
Sam Walton-Muir
Emma Weekes
Keith and Sally Weekes
Bob & Iris White
Mike and Gay Wilson
Sue Steele
Tony and Isobel Smith


Arsenal Football Club
Anna and Anthony Baines Holmes
Russell Allan
Jenny Benson
Bikerdikes Garden Centre
Mike Burgess
Lucy Cathrow
Chesfield Downs Ladies section
Jack Clark
Terry Clarke
Leon Cox WDp
Lynda D'Arcy
Kevin and Yvonne Dollimore
Angela Donahue
John Donnelly
Dave Foster
Clare Francis and family (WDp)
Ian Grice
Anne Heath
Hendrik (Dutch friend)
Ellie Healey and Eric Beauchamp
Norman Hopper
Ina Horder
Mark Hoyer Millar
Clare and Lisa Ithalrualde
Kate Jansen and family (WDp)
Ian Johnstone
Huw Jones
Dave Kirby
Marissa Kellard
Alan Martin
Natalia Martin
Maggie McKenna
Dave Minty
Sarah Moore
John and Jenny Morley
Chris Newcombe
Peter Nicholls
James Nickolay
Orchard Systems
PAC Maintenance
Mrs Parvin at Vilamoura
Graham Penny
Yvonne Pettingill
Julie Price
Jean Ray
Pat Ready
Jackie Reed
Realtive Groundworks
Diego Rubio
Russell Cooke (Solicitors)
Dave Ryan (WDp)
Mike and Linsey Simpson
Joan Sparks
Jon Starling
Sue Steele
Melaney St Ledger
Jim Thompson
Val Thompson
Toby Turner
Kate Wentworth
Jevon West
Bob White
Chris and Pat Wilkins
Mark Wilkinson
Ben Williams
Salim Zarka