Our aim is to provide those “legacy” items that any community would need so that they can become self-sustainable and prosper. Stage one consists of  our platform for success:

1,      Good health facilites. This includes our providing access to clean water and health education regarding hygiene, nutrition, contraception, baby care etc as per the BIG Lottery funded project. This project includes enabling every house to have a toilet for the first time!!.

But before that we rebuilt the Clinic and fitted it out including solar electricity and hot water so that it is now one of the best facilities in any village in Togo.

Another key achievment is that we were able to provide solutions leading to the river Mono no longer flooding our village every year as it had done for over 25 years - as well as well over 200 other villages!!

We have provided 3 wells so that the villagers could have access to clean water for the first time. We are now about to provide a 4th well so that we can provide water to the outskirts of the village as well as irrigation to some fields that have never been used for agriculture before due to the lack of water!

2.      A good education for all - and not just the children - so we started night school for the adults to learn to read. We are also getting the villagers to understand a little about business and how to organise themselves.

We rebuilt the school from new foundations to a new roof. We also provided all the books and educational items they wanted and more. Thanks to the Marr Munning Trust we provided the school with solar AC electricity and 3 computers. There is always more to do but we now have a really good facility.

3.     The ability to earn a living. As of 2008 everyone in the village lived from hand to mouth. Now things have moved on and we are beginning to see the shoots of a micro economy. 

So far we have carried out 23 micro finance projects with more to follow in 2018.

More impressively we have built the Willmott Dixon 4Life Academy an apprenticship school to provide trades training to those who have no qualifications. (See separate page) and an accommodation building and a restaurant to enable the Acdemy to offer such facilities to both students and teachers.

Stage two consists of more education and training as well as empowering the people of Agome Sevah. This includes what has been acheived and the bringing together of different factions

(Updated October 2019)

A) Health which includes clean water, diet, agriculture and a decent medical facility.

B) Education including a good school with all the books and other items that we take for granted, electricity in the school so that they can have lighting and computers etc. We want to build a library and a new nursery in the future, as well as a canteen and all the other buildings that a good educational facility would have.

C) The ability to earn a living including the 23 micro finance scheme we have set up and the Willmott Dixon Partnerships (Apprenticeship) 4Life Academy we are now planning.

D) Fundamental to all of this was to stop the river flooding as it was a big obstacle to everyday life in the whole area.

For further details on the progress we and the villagers of Agome sevah have made, click on each of the projects in the navigation menu on the left