Having now opened the Willmott Dixon4 Life Academy we needed to complete the facilities by providing food and accommodation for the students and the teachers.

The design and budget were then agreed and fund raising completed. Alongside the accommodation building and the Willmott Dixon 4Life Academy  the construction of a restaurant began in April 2016 and was opened in August of the same year.

One of Willmott Dixon Partnership's Partner's (now called Fortem) is the Phoenix Housing Trust and they have offered to supporting us in the construction of the restaurant along with many others especially Queens Park Rangers (See the news page for more details of QPR). Phoenix are sent out two people in July to help finish off the construction of the restaurant and represent the Phoenix Housing Trust at the opening on the 8th of August 2016.

Thanks to Phoenix Housing Trust and especially to the indefatigable, amazing John Muir.

Updated October 2019