On our second visit to the village of Agome sevah in early 2010, we specifically asked to see the school and met one of the teachers called Amedie.

He explained that the school had no text books, no exercise books and certainly no dictionaries, atlases etc. In a way there was no point in having any of these things as the roof leaked and so any books would get damaged by the torrential rain they get in the rainy season.

Without making any promises at that time we asked him what he would like for the school. He replied he would really like a black board compass!.

We thought we might do better.

After talking to Papa and the Association in Lome, (the capital), we promised to raise money for a new roof and all the text books required as well as many, many other educational items that we in the UK take for granted.

Nine months later we had raised money enough to have the new roof put on the building, provide all the and move towards providing adult education.text books they requested plus we carried out 150kg of educational items including, geometry sets, dictionaries, atlases, exercise books, reading books, calculators, footballs, musical instruments etc and two black board compasses.We now need to improve on these basics and replace all the consumables.

Since then we have completely rebuilt the foundations damaged by years of erosion caused by the flooding of the river Mono We have supplied more books and educational items. We started giivng the students a free lunch so as to improve attendance as well as their diet.

We have provided solar panels providing electricity as well as  3 computers (all thanks to Marr Munning) and we refurbished the Eco San toilets so that the students would not have to defecate in the open. We met with the Ministry of Education and asked them to formally approve of our teachers so that they would get paid. After 10 years of not getting a salary they now do!

We have more to do but things area lot better than they were.