One of our goals is to provide electricity to every building both domestic and public through the provision of solar power. The plan has two parts:

Firstly: The provision of DC electricity to every house will be with the enormous support of the wonderful Barefoot College based in India. They took 4 of the women of our village to India for 6 months (all expenses paid) and trained them up to become solar technicians. The four women had to get a birth certificate, a passport for the first time, have a medical and get  innoculated. They didn't even know when their birthday's were!

This was a huge opportunity not only for the four women but for the whole community as it required everyone to get involved in one way or another. We now have a solar committee in the village to manage the whole project.

Barefoot College then took the lead (with our support) in raising the funds to acquire everything required so that the women having now returned can build, and teach others to assemble the solar installations required. One for every house! We have together raised over $65000. 

After several years and several set backs we are now into replacing batteries. Again we need to raise more funds. If you could help just a little it would be greatly appreciated by so many people in our remote village.

Secondly: For the public buildings i.e. the School, the Clinic and the Willmott Dixon Partnerships 4Life Academy we are evolving a different plan for each building as we need AC electricity for these buildings.

For the school we were awarded a substantial amount of money by the Marr Munning Trust and because of them the school now has lighting and computers. Another huge step forward!


For the Lady Patti Saxby Clinic we were collecting money for the required solar panels once it opened in July 2012. As of September 2013 the solar PV panels were installed so that the villagers now have a clinic which has lighting and a refrigerator etc. We had already supplied them with solar powerered hot water.


For the Willmott Dixon Partnerships 4Life Academy Willmott Dixon undertook to raise a substantial amount  with Dekamile raising the rest. As of September 2014 the facility was built  with it being fully open in September 2015.

See the separate page for further details. But we have  solar electricity on the Academy courtesy of BPEC and PNUD amongst others. Thanks to all.