PapaIn June 2008 to attend a wedding in Togo Rod and Mandy Unger were introduced to the father of Anoma the bride. We all call him Papa as mark of respect!

Akuete or Papa is the leader of his extended family and at the time weas the President of the Dekamile Association in Lome, the capital The Association is made up of people related to the village of Agomseva and is now headed up by Casimir Yovo. Papa is still heavily involved in everything we do as an elder of the village itself.

Over the years Papa has proved himself to be the one main reason why so much has been achieved. He is extremely capable in planning, budgeting and getting things done. In addition, he is uncorruptable and a tireless worker for everything we are doing.

Togo is a much neglected country virtually ignored by all the major charities. As such this means to us that it needs and deserves our help even more

 Updated October 2019