PapaIn June 2008 in Togo Rod and Mandy Unger were introduced to the father of the bride; Anoma, who was getting married, the reason for them visiting Togo in the first place. We all call him Papa as mark of respect!

Akuete or Papa is the leader of his extended family and the President of the Association in Lome, the capital The Association is made up of people related to the village of Agomsevah. Papa is also an elder of the village itself.

Over the years Papa has proved himself to be the one main reason why so much has been achieved. He is extremely capable in planning, budgeting and getting things done. In addition, he is uncorruptable and a tireless worker for everything we are doing.

His son Nounou is big help to him as are various other people including Kodjo Antoine and the other members of the Association.

Whenever Rod Unger visits Togo nowadays Anoma (Papa's daughter) tries to be there at the same time. She makes everything difficult a lot easier. She is a brilliant translator, facilitator, mediator and, being an intelligent highly qualified family member, everyone listens to her!

Anoma is another vital ingredient to our success.

            Updated January 2016